Through long years of practice, we have established a trustworthy and reliable service in Seattle. Our experience is our best commercial, and this is one of the reasons why people choose our assistance. We have been in this business for 20 years, recognizing how challenging business market is today and if you want to survive you need to provide the top service.

Our dental practice employs more than ten people who are all educated to practice dental care. By having the top experts in this part of the U.S., we guarantee you the best treatment. A beautiful smile is the best feature one person can have, and our mission is to give that to our clients.

Our Staff

Michael Harris

for 15 years Michael has been working with us, he is one of our top dentists, though a long career he has been dealing with the toughest cases and helping our patients overcome their problems. People have learned to trust his services and usually when new patients come, they ask for his assistance.

Maria Bare

Maria Bare

She is one of our best technicians, and her job is to provide support to doctors. Apart from her experience in dental care, one of her biggest quality is compassions and ability to calm down our clients. We all know how people tend to be nervous when they visit a dentist.